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Further Reading

What a labour union is and how it works:

Union-busting playbook:


“Now You’re Playing With Power” by Ian Williams at Giant Bomb, an intro to what unions are and what they could do for the game industry:

Videogames are Destroying the People Who Make Them - NYT article about crunch:

“The universe has been outsourced” by Michael Thomsen
How the production of AAA games is increasingly taking place in East Asia. These workers need to be included and outsourcing will be the #1 argument against better conditions in the west.

Pledge against crunch organized by Tanya Short:

Economic Policy Institute - general info about why unions benefit everyone:


The Video Game Industry is Afraid of Unions - on the SAG strike:


Gameqol: website that measures quality of life in the gaming industry:

An excerpt from the following chapter documenting the legal actions taken by EA workers against crunch in the mid 2000s

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