Follow our efforts and other game industry unionization news in the press.

Polygon: Game developers need to unionize (01.16.19)


LeftFootForward: 2018 was the year video game workers finally stood up against their bosses (12.28.18)


Gamasutra: Game Workers Unite working with devs from a dozen studios towards unionization (12.27.18)


BBC: Games Workers Demand Rights (12.14.18)


The Guardian: Beat the 'crunch': new union for video games workers launches (12.14.18)


Compelo: Dark side of working in the video game industry: 100-hour weeks and on-the-spot sackings (11.16.18)


ABC: Video games are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Do its workers need a union? (10.25.18)


DigitalTrends: Why are game studios run like sweat shops? The human toll of ‘crunch time’ (10.21.18) 2018 will go down as the Year of the Bad Employer (09.27.18) 


VentureBeat: Game developers need unions — they can’t afford another Telltale (09.26.18)


Kotaku: Telltale Employees Left Stunned By Company Closure, No Severance (09.25.18) Telltale's treatment of staff "a problem endemic in the industry" (09.24.18)


Eurogamer: The games industry needs unions - and these are the people trying to make it happen in the UK (08.08.18)


Unwinnable Magazine: Game Workers Unite Condemns ArenaNet for Inciting Further Harassment of Their Employees (07.12.18)


GameRevolution: Game Workers Unite Slams ArenaNet for ‘Inciting Further Harassment’ of Employees (07.12.18)


USgamer: Game Developers React to the ArenaNet Controversy: The Firing Had "No Dialogue, No Nuance, No Empathy" (07.11.18)


Geekwire: ‘It’s very David and Goliath’: Inside the growing effort to unionize video game developers (05.09.18)


Waypoint: Stability, Support, and Safety: Small Game Studios Need Unions Too (05.03.18)


VentureBeat: The IndieBeat: Workplace protection for indie developers (05.03.18) ゲーム業界における労働組合の動き (04.21.18)


Paste Magazine: The State of the Union: GDC, Jen MacLean, and Game Workers Unite (03.30.18)


Zam: The Struggle to Unionize Video Games (03.24.18)


IGN: GDC 2018: Pro-Union Game Developers Are Ready to Fight for Change (03.23.18)


The Verge: Game Developers Look to Unions to Fix the Industry’s Exploitative Workplace Culture (03.23.18)


Waypoint: After Destroying Lives For Decades, Gaming Is Finally Talking Unionization (03.23.18)


Le Monde: Jeu vidéo : la contestation sociale s’internationalise (03.22.18)


Polygon: Pro-union Voices Speak Out at Heated GDC Roundtable (03.22.18)


Kotaku: It’s Time For Game Developers To Unionize (03.22.18)


Rolling Stone/Glixel: Union Reps Meet With Game Devs About Unionization (03.21.18)


Game Informer: Game Developer Unionization Talk Stirs Amidst IGDA Concerns (03.21.18)


Polygon: This is the Group Using GDC to Bolster Game Studio Unionization Efforts (03.21.18)

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